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The Robert Brothers Circus was one of the most famous of the age and here we see their vibrant yellow and red colour scheme decorating an ex-WWII AEC Matador truck, which was a favourite post-war vehicle for a wide variety of civilian commercial operators who made good use of its strength and durability.

The trailer behind the Matador is a mobile ticket office and the Circus is obviously expecting good trade with four ticketing windows, each inviting spectators by advertising the ticket prices available at each booth. Children could get in for as little as two shillings (10 Pence) whilst at the top end, adults could pay 10 shillings and 6 pence (just under 53 pence) to see the show.

Registered BBV 103C from 1965, the Circus�s promotional wording is printed in blue with a white shadow while the red wheels and yellow mudguards echo the main body colour. This is a fine addition to any Roberts Circus diorama from the 1960s and a trip down memory lane for the rest of us!

AEC Matador and Trailer Robert Brothers

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