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The AEC Matador Wrecker, an ex-WWII heavy haulage unit, was the perfect vehicle in civilian life when used as a breakdown vehicle. This vehicle has been modelled on the wrecker as used by the East Kent public transport service.

Finished in the East Kent corporate colour scheme of dark red and cream, apart from the light brown planking of the flatbed, the remainder of the vehicle is masked in black. The East Kent logo features above the cab window and along the sides, while the number plate is a red and white trade plate 116 FN fitted to the front and rear. Further masking operations include the front headlights in silver and the rear lights in red and orange.

If you are a collector of PSV vehicles from the south of England, this wrecker would make an appropriate addition, as in real life it would have played an active and essential part in the daily workings of East Kent buses.

AEC Matador East Kent

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