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Model roadways can really bring a model railway to life. Of course, the railway, tracks, and trains are the main event of any layout, but building out model roadways with cars and street furniture will help to make your model railway even more realistic. The Gaugemaster Highways collection of model roadway products can help you achieve this, thanks to their ease of use and great value for money.

Our flexible, self-adhesive roadway is incredibly easy to use; simply cut and stick down the straight sections to your baseboard. Check out our Straight Wide Roadway in OO scale, or create curved roads with our universal tarmac curves for maximum realism. We also have an extensive N gauge range to bring everything from model cars to traffic light models to any scale railway.

Our OO gauge collection includes model railway traffic lights, zebra crossings (full sets or just the markings), pavement, roadside crash barriers, and more to really bring your set-up to life.

One of the highlights of the Gaugemaster Highways range is the Fully Automated Car System in OO Gauge, which allows you to run model cars around your road system alongside your model trains. Find out how the automated car system works.

It’s not just model cars that can run on your model roadway, but vehicles including a classic White Van and Streetscooter too. You can even purchase Emergency Vehicle Lighting Kits or Service Vehicle Lighting Kits to add an extra dimension to your pride and joy.

Zebra Crossing N Scale Road Markings Set

SKU: GM394
£2.50 Regular Price
£2.25Sale Price
Available to Pre-Order

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