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More than 160 of these robust diesel shunters were built in various configurations for industrial railways, with Ruston offering mechanical, hydraulic or electric transmissions and a choice of 0-4-0 or 0-6-0 wheel arrangements. While most of the 164 '165DEs' built in the 1950s/60s were two axle machines, a number were delivered as 0-6-0s including 5 to British Rail Western Region as PWM650-654 (as produced by Heljan for Model Rail Magazine/Kernow Model Railway Centre as a private commission.


  • Next18 DCC decoder interface and provision for DCC sound.
  • External features will include authentic detail variations.
  • Highly-detailed cab interior and underframe.
  • Working Lights
  • Interior Lights

Ruston & Hornsby 165DE 0-6-0 No.45 NCB Dark Green

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