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The London Routemaster replicates the dark red and platinum colour scheme given to RM1933 in 2008 in celebration of the 75th Anniversary of London Transport on the one hand and equally important to East Londoners, the centenary of the Bus Garage in Bow. Our bus features the anniversary logo on the front section of the advertising panels but is otherwise devoid of any promotional adverts, just like the original.

Registered ALD 933B, our Routemaster comes with dark red wheels, gold London Transport lettering and red interior seating. Running on Route 15, passengers would take in many of the sights of the City as it journeyed to Tower Hill via Aldwych, Fleet Street and St Paul’s Cathedral. Its number RM1933 is also printed in gold beneath the driver’s cab window.

In real life, RM1933 had quite a widespread career, having been delivered to London Transport in 1964. Sporting the standard red RM livery until 1983, it was also one of several buses chosen to wear the London Transport 50th Anniversary colour scheme, returning to the standard livery a year later. In 1987, RM1933 became a Routemaster in exile as it was sold on to Kelvin Scottish, then moved again to Stagecoach Perth before going on to Stagecoach Cumberland. However in 2000, it was bought back by London Bus Services Ltd and returned to the capital, serving on Route 13 until 2005. Later the same year, RM1933 was one of several Routemasters selected to continue in service on the Routemaster Heritage Routes, when it was allotted to the Easton London route 15, where we picked up the story.

This model is delivered on a black base with an attached clear jewel case ready to be displayed. It can also be unscrewed from the base and placed on your model railway or diorama.

Routemaster London Transport Bow Centenary

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