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The ship is anchored in the port and is already waiting for your cargo. Whether cars or containers: Thanks to the powerful “Vectron” electric locomotive, you can transport your freight quickly and punctually to the loading station by freight train. As soon as the ocean liner has reached its destination, your freight train brings all the goods to their final destination.

Freight train consisting of an electric locomotive, a container transport car loaded with two 20-foot containers, and a car transport car loaded with two cars.

Locomotive with battery drive and magnetic coupling at the rear end of the vehicle. The motor, battery and all of the electronics are inaccessible to children. The locomotive can be charged with the supplied USB charging cable. 3 speed levels for forward and reverse travel, as well as 3 sound functions and a triple headlights, can be controlled via the child-friendly Märklin Power Control Stick.

Container trolleys and car transport trolleys with magnetic couplings. The child-friendly, stable containers can be opened and loaded. A permanently installed metal part in the containers enables magnetic loading, when shared with the Port, Crane and Cargo Ship. The car transport trolley has a folding ramp at one end of the trolley. Including two cars as a load. Ideal extension with the Car Transport Wagon.

Marklin My World is the ideal way to get your kids started out in the world of model railways. This set comes complete with locomotive, rolling stock, track and remote control. The locomotive is very robust and has magnets on the rear to connect to the other coaches or additional rolling stock available in the My World range.

The locomotive also features a separate on-off switch on the roof to enable the locomotive to be stopped ready for taking off the track. The controller switches the sound, lights and direction of the locomotive. The track in this set forms a large oval with a passing loop which gives lots of hours of fun and can be extended using the My World Track Sections.

MyWorld Harbour Logistics Starter Set

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