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Model railway electrics are often seen as something of a dark art in the world of railway modelling, but there’s really no need to be intimidated by the task or what you need to do to achieve your aims.

At Gaugemaster, we’ve curated a selection of model railway electrical supplies in our Gaugemaster Electrics brand, featuring everything you might need for your model railway, including model railway electrical connectors and electric points, while offering great value for money.

Whether you’re looking for 100m reels of wire in a wide choice of colours, as well as smaller 10m reels of wire in various colours, or our extensive selection of switches suitable for most applications, we really do have it all.

Add an extra dimension to your model railway with our Scenic Sounds modules, which allow you to add ambient sounds to your layout and are suitable for both Analogue and DCC layouts. Learn more about the model railway electrical supplies available in the Gaugemaster Scenic Sounds range.

Our collection includes other invaluable products that every modeller needs, such as wheel cleaning brushes. These sit on your track and, when power is applied, the brushes rotate and clean the wheels of your locomotives. Clean wheels means better conductivity and more reliable operation. Check out our wheel cleaners in OO Gauge or N Gauge to keep your model railway electrics in good working condition.

Locomotive Wheel Cleaning Brush N Scale

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