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1:76 scale JCB JS220 Tracked Excavator  replicating the livery of probably the most familiar name in the industry- JCB. Their name is generic when talking about construction vehicles, so much so that it has now been added to the Oxford English Dictionary!  From small beginnings in 1945, Joseph Cyril Bamford (JCB) created an amazing empire spanning every corner of the globe. Still a family concern based in Staffordshire, the company manufactures over 300 types of machines to be sold in over 150 countries.

The new JS220 is the culmination of 48 years’ tracked excavator expertise, offering performance and productivity without compromise. The JS220 is a 22-tonne tracked vehicle equipped with a host of efficiency, performance, comfort and safety innovations. They go on to say that like their new award-winning EcoMAX engine, this new excavator meets Stage IV/T4F legislation without using a bulky DPF and provides a fuel saving of up to 10% over their outgoing models.

The 1:1 scale version has a maximum bucket cup of 1.19m, maximum engine power of 129kW and an operating weight of 22,490kg. Our 1:76 scale vehicle is a bit more manageable!

Working outwards from the cab on this detailed model, the cab itself is decorated in matt black and it is positioned over the rotating caterpillar tracks, also black.  The main body colour and the bucket lifting arm are painted yellow, while other elements of the operating machinery including the bucket, piston tubes, exhaust pipe, running gear, rails and tracks are black.  The JCB logo is everywhere either in black out of yellow or white out of black. The end result is one of detailed realism. Let’s get digging!

JCB JS220 Tracked Excavator

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