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This release of the long wheelbase high roof Ford Transit is a great one for a modern railway layout with level crossings!

The British Transport Police are working closely with Network Rail, under the Rail Safety Camera Partnership, to ensure drivers and pedestrians use level crossings properly and are rolling out a fleet of Mobile Enforcement Vans, of which our model represents an example. These state-of-the-art camera vans are funded by Network Rail, and are used by British Transport Police officers to catch offenders by using the latest video recording and licence plate recognition technology. The aim is that the presence of the vans, which are clearly marked, will discourage people from misusing level crossings in the first place.

Our model, registered YR12 EYC, features a white body with the usual Police blue and yellow masking and clear graphics denoting its purpose, including the black images of the notorious cameras on the front, back and sides of the van. Modifications to the roof see the positioning of one large camera and two small ones – one rear offside and one front nearside, so there is no escaping should you flout the rules and try to make it across the level crossing illegally.

Ford Transit MkV LWB High Network Rail Speed Camera

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