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Of his introductory Ford motor, the company’s founder Henry Ford exclaimed that you could have any colour you liked as long as it was black! Well, a century on and our latest Ford Galaxy release is equally dramatic in its livery, with black body, black interior and black exterior trim. Even the roof window panel sports a black tinted effect. Note the upmarket Ghia spec, highlighted in silver across the back of the car. A little splash of colour comes with the blue Ford badge on the bonnet. Our model is registered LO58 NNF from 2008.

The Ford Galaxy, incorporating the added title of MPV (multi-purpose vehicle) was launched in 1995. Our model is based on the second generation version with its distinctive trapezoidal grille, large wheel arches and angular headlights. Now in third generation phase, it still proves a versatile and popular family car with up to seven seats. It is equally popular with companies as a light commercial as well as being used by the emergency services.

Ford Galaxy Black

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