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1x ESP® Wireless DCC Receiver Unit

DCC-ESPR.1 is both an ESP® receiver and a 1.5Amp DCC system power bus generator as well as being a very clever “sniffer” device!
DCC-ESPR.1 can be powered by a DCC track bus or with any regulated DC power source or battery able to deliver from 12 to 20 volts.
It has just two pairs of terminals, a power switch and a pairing switch. Connect it to the track bus and it will synchronise mimic panels with all of your accessory operations.
Connect it to the sniffer port of your screen based system and it will update the display.
DCC-ESPR.1 can even be used as the entire basis for an independent DCC power bus, so it really is versatile – and simplicity itself!
DCC-ESPR.1 requires no “programming” and is already provided with a unique address at the time of manufacture. Of course, no two receivers will ever have the same address, so conflicts are 100% impossible!
Unlike Wi-Fi based systems, DCCconcepts ESP® has no limits on the quantity of linked transmitters and there is no need for routers, passwords or computers when using ESP®.
DCC-ESPR.1 has power-off memory and is also protected against wrong connections.

ESP® Wireless DCC Receiver Unit

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