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The British Rail Class 33 is a class of Bo-Bo diesel-electric locomotive built by BRCW for the Southern Region of BR between 1960 and 1962. 98 class 33s were originally built and bore the numbers D6500 - D6597. The class was affectionately known as ‘Cromptons’ after the brand of electrical equipment installed and shared many features with its lesser powered sisters, the Class 26 and 27. In all 26 examples of the Class 33 survive preservation.


  • Detailed body with etched grills and separately fitted handrails
  • RP25.72 darkened wheels with pin point bearings
  • 5 pole Super creep motor with huge pulling power and incredible slow running speed
  • All wheel drive and pick up
  • Independently controllable directional lighting
  • Dapol’s low friction mechanism for efficient quiet running
  • Heavy split frame chassis for excellent running and haulage qualities

#*# Class 33/0 D6523 BR Green SYP

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