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Hundreds of self-contained heavy pumping units were supplied to the order of the British Government in the months leading up to World War 2. When peacetime returned, most of them formed the mainstay of the re-established local authority brigades until new appliances could be delivered. This Bedford based machine represents an example operated by the Fleetwood unit of Lancashire Fire Brigade.

In model form, the vehicle which is registered FYH 355, is decorated in red with black chassis, silver roof ladders and additional silver trim, black interior, black seating and steering wheel. There are also several intricate details to note including the silver operating wheels, tap ends and hose tips, rolled up canvas canopy at the back of the cab and white ladder tips. The colourful coat of arms features on the sides of the vehicle, rounding off a highly detailed replica of an appliance which proved invaluable in the immediate post-war period.

Bedford WLG Heavy Unit Lancashire County Fire Brigade

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