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The Vauxhall Cavalier was a large family car aimed primarily at the UK market which had a relatively long production life between 1975-1995, during which time it came in various body-styles and underwent several upgrades. Despite the launch of the all-new Cavalier just a year away in 1987, the company upgraded the existing model in 1986 adding revised grilles and rear lamp clusters similar to their larger Senator vehicle, together with further improvement to the equipment levels. A new 2.0 Litre engine option became available on the CD, SRi and GSL trim whilst the availability of the fuel injected 1.8L unit was revised down to L trim.

We have chosen to launch our 1:76 scale version of the four-door Cavalier in the 2.0 CD format, featuring all the 1986 revisions. It appears in the rich champagne platinum colour scheme with lots of black and silver trim, complete with sunroof. Registered D193 XYJ from 1986-7, the interior seating and dashboard are both finished in a darker grey-beige.

Vauxhall Cavalier Champagne Platinum

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