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Brand new tooling introduces the Vauxhall Astra Mk2 GTE to the 1:76 series of Oxford Automobiles. Registered F754 GNK from 1988-89, our model comes in a gleaming white with contrasting grey exterior trim, black interior and grey seating.

In real life, the white Mk2 GTE, comprising the second generation of what had previously been classed as a small family car, was the first from the Vauxhall Astra stable to be 'colour coded' with body trim that matched the base colour of the car, including wheel arch extensions, front side and rear lower skirts, mirror covers, bumper and even the alloy wheels were painted white. The car was only available as a 3-door hatchback and with its 124 bhp. 2.0 litre engine, it attracted a completely different client base, becoming the highly popular 'hot hatch' of the 1980s, bringing with it the dubious reputation of being the second highest in the 'stolen car' category! All Mk 2 GTEs were fitted with an all electronic dash with digital speedometer. In 1988 Vauxhall's twin-camshaft version of the engine was fitted to the GTE, causing a storm because of its performance. The model sold well in the UK, although it never succeeded in toppling its rival the Ford Escort from the number one spot.

Our 1:76 scale replica carries all the authentic detail of the original including sun roof, rear spoiler, even down to the Vauxhall badge on the bonnet and GTE designation set into the narrow radiator grille, also repeated on the rear of the vehicle. It would make an ideal gift for the one-time 'hot rods' of the 1980s, for whom all those motoring memories would come flooding back!

Vauxhall Astra MkII White

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