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In 1946 the Longmoor Military Railway arranged an exchange of equipment with their counterparts at Fort Eustis in America. In return for an Austerity and WD 2-8-0 Fort Eustis sent an S160 2-8-0 and S100 0-6-0 (their comparable counterparts) to Longmoor.
The S160 was named Major General Carl R Gray Jr after the Army Director of Railway Services for North Africa, Italy and Northwest Europe. The engine originally carried the number 93257 after arrival at Longmoor. The loco was subsequently sent to Bagnalls in Staffordshire for overhaul in 1954. Upon return in 1955, the engine was painted in lined blue LMR livery and carried the number 700. Unfortunately, it was subsequently involved in an incident leaving flats on all driving wheels and with spares unavailable, the engine was cut up at Longmoor in 1957.
Tooling variations – 
•Standard lamp irons
•Straight strap smokebox door
•Westinghouse air pump
•Pipework mounted behind chimney
•Straight running boards
•Right hand drive with pole reverser and original pattern firehole door
•Standard wartime tender
•Boiler-mounted ejector pipe fitted

#*# No. 700 Major General Carl R Gray Jr, Longmoor Military Railway blue

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