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Built as one of the last S160 locomotives, No.6046 was sent directly to France towards the end of the War. When its use with the SNCF came to an end, the engine found its way to Hungary where it became MAV 411.144 with the Hungarian State Railways. It spent most of its time in Hungary working on industrial lines before being withdrawn for preservation in the Hungarian National Collection. However, an error meant the loco was sent for scrap. Fortunately, it was saved and moved to the UK, steaming for the first time in 2012. Since then, 6046 has been a regular performer at various heritage railways and has recently undergone an overhaul at the CVR once again, returning to traffic in October 2023.
Tooling variations – 
•Standard lamp irons
•Straight strap smokebox door
•PKP air pump 
•Front running plate-mounted sandboxes
•Straight running boards
•Left hand drive with screw reverser and ‘Ajax’ pattern firehole door
•Cab rear shutters fitted
•Tender with lockers and extra air tanks
•Ejector fitted to left hand side of smokebox
•Boiler-mounted ejector pipe fitted
•Alternate piston valve covers fitted

#*# No. 6046, black with U.S.A on tender (SF)

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