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Out into the big wide world. Quite a lot going on in the harbor. New freight reaches your loading station every minute. Trucks drive directly into the belly of the cargo ship via a ramp. The freight trains are unloaded using the massive crane. It lifts even the heaviest containers from the wagon and stows them precisely in the ship's hold. Everything on board? Well then: cast off!

Freight ship and port station with crane with many other play functions, as a child-like construction kit.


  • Cargo ship with many loading options.
  • Cargo ship is buoyant, also suitable for playing in the bathtub, plus two small lifeboats for splashing water.
  • Harbor station with crane as a central play element.
  • Including truck with container trailer.
  • Maximum play fun thanks to child-friendly, plug-in kit with a variety of play options.
  • Together with the "Port Logistics" starter set, a diverse play world is created that will delight children.
  • Imaginative play thanks to the many play options integrated on the cargo ship and at the port station.
  • Port station compatible with the Majorette Creatix road system - thus many additional play options.

The cargo ship and the port station contain many different game functions - the highlight is the port crane for loading various goods. There are many functions to discover on the cargo ship: folding loading ramps and a movable ship deck for various loading and unloading options, a cable winch, a water syringe, a rotating target display on the ship's bridge and a helicopter landing pad on the top deck. The moveable deck of the ship is a playful way to get into the interior of the cargo ship. The cargo ship is buoyant and can therefore also be taken into the bathtub to play with. The small lifeboats are made of a flexible material, which means that you can splash water with the lifeboats.

The harbor crane is ideal for loading containers and vehicles. The crane is equipped with a magnetic hook and also has a loading ramp. A large loading radius for many possible loading activities can be achieved via a running rail on the crane. Operating functions of the crane: foldable and extendable crane arm, rotatable 360 ??° and the crane hook with a hand crank for lifting and lowering. There is a road below the crane as an entrance for vehicles. The road connections are compatible with the Majorette Creatix road system. Port station with a docking point for the loading ramp of the cargo ship. Harbor wall with rotating windows. Including a truck with a container trailer. The many functions are great fun for creative games on the subject of port logistics. Cargo ship and port crane as a stable kit suitable for children from 3 years. Sticker sheet and assembly instructions are included. The delivery takes place in individual parts.

MyWorld Freight Ship & Harbour Crane

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