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This colourway is one of the more unusual shades associated with the third generation Ford Capri, which made its debut in 1978. Our model of the 3.0S, registered VHK 494S, is from the first year of production of the upgraded Capri, described as a mid-size sports hatchback coupé. It has a black interior and black exterior trim.

The Ford Capri had made great waves when it was first introduced in 1977 when it proved especially popular with the hotrods of the day. The MK III featured not only the previous engine size and transmission features but now had the 3.0S spec including a 4-speed manual gearbox or automatic transmission. It also had improved aerodynamics over the Mk I and II, resulting in improved performance and fuel economy. Easily recognised by the quad headlights and black aeroflow grille and sawtooth rear lamp lenses – authentically replicated on our 1:76 model - it was assembled by Ford Europe in their German factories.

Ford Capri MkIII Peppermint Sea Green

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