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This all-new Scale Class 73/1 electro-diesel will feature plug-and-play DCC interface, new lighting features and a wide range of authentic detail variations covering the entire career of this enduringly popular Southern Region class.

Bi-mode trains are all the rage in 2020, but Heljans’s latest O Scale announcement looks back to a classic electro-diesel design from the mid-1960s. Now in development for release in 2022 is a ready-to-run O Scale model of English Electric’s pioneering Class 73 – their first electric locomotive in this scale. Designed to operate on both third-rail electric and diesel power (in non-electrified areas such as yards and depots) the Class 73s lived a relatively mundane life until they were thrust into the limelight when the new ‘Gatwick Express’ operation started in 1984.

Over the years, the class has worked everything from express passenger to newspaper and mail, freight and engineering trains. The advent of Sectorisation in the mid-1980s saw the standard BR blue livery replaced by a rainbow of liveries, a trend that continues today. Despite a steady decline in the 1990s, these hugely versatile locomotives have seen a revival in the 21st century and continue to play a vital role hauling engineering and test trains for GB Railfreight and Network Rail on the 750V DC third-rail network and beyond. Now seen over a much wider area than in BR days, the ‘EDs’ have gained a cult following and 13 locomotives have even been rebuilt with more powerful diesel engines and modern electronics transforming them into 1,600hp go-anywhere machines.

Heljan's all-new model is being designed to offer a range of authentic detail variations covering the entire career of the production batch built in 1965-67, many of which are still active on the main line network and heritage railways. These will include locomotives with or without high intensity headlights and NRN radio aerials, radio pods and optional fibreglass arc shields fitted to the bogies from the mid-1980s onwards.

The Class 73 in Pullman Livery was numbered 73101 and between 1980 and 1992 was named Brighton Evening Argus. After 1992 it was re-named to The Royal Alex but kept the same running number.


1:43 Scale model of a Class 73 diesel locomotive decorated in Pullman Brown/Cream livery. These models have been specially commissioned by Gaugemaster and form part of the Gaugemaster Collection Series.

These models feature lots of era specific details and markings and lots of external body details as modelled on the prototype.


  • Gaugemaster Limited Edition
  • Sprung buffers
  • Wire handrails
  • Fine etched grilles
  • Separately fitted buffing plates
  • SR 27-way multiple working cables and hoses
  • Windscree wipers/ sandpipes, bogie and bufferbeam details
  • High-performance twin motor/flywheel chassis with all-wheel drive and pick-up
  • Separately swichable cab, headcode, and engine room lights
  • ESU XL pin decoder interface and provision for DCC Sound

*Class 73 101 Unnamed Pullman Brown/Cream

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