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The Class 52 Diesel hydraulic locomotive was introduced by BR to provide a more powerful alternative to the Warships and Hymeks that were already in service for express freight and passenger duties on the Western Region.

In all 74 of these dual engined diesel-hydraulic locomotives were built between 1961 and 1964 and all had a two word name starting with `Western’ which gave rise to their common name and second was either of heraldic or regimental derivation. The Class was relatively short lived and all were out of service by 1977. Seven survive into preservation and our model was designed from laser scans of D1015 Western Champion.



  • Detailed body with etched brass roof grills and separately fitted handrails
  • RP25.72 darkened wheels with pin point bearings
  • 5 pole Super creep motor with controlled pulling power and incredible slow running speed
  • All wheel drive and pick up
  • Directional lights and headcode box lighting
  • DCC Ready
  • Fitted with etched brass name and number plates
  • Dapol’s low friction mechanism for efficient quiet running
  • Heavy split frame chassis for excellent running and haulage qualities

#D# Class 52 D1016 Western Gladiator BR Maroon FYE

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