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This Motorbike and Sidecar will appeal especially to collectors of Roadside Assistance vehicles. It also brings an international flavor to the series, representing an early vehicle used by the National Roads and Motorists’ Association (NMRA) in Australia. The NRMA was originally founded in 1920 with the aim of obtaining reasonable and just legislation to fund and improve roads. However under a new President, John Christian Watson, who had also been Australia’s third Prime Minister in 1904, the NRMA was restructured in 1924 and began to employ road service ‘guides’, patrolling New South Wales and the ACT (Australian Capital Territory). The motorbike and sidecar proved invaluable in such areas as Bondi Beach or where there was heavy traffic congestion. The NRMA, whose motto is ‘Keep People Moving’, recently celebrated 90 Years of Roadside Assistance and is still going strong today with nearly 2.5 million members.

Our 1:76 scale model is registered 29350 H and is decorated in bright blue with brown saddlebags and seat. White lettering identifies it as the NRMA Patrol Service, complete with the NRMA winged badge printed on the front, side and rear of the sidecar.

BSA Motorcycle and Sidecar NRMA

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